Creating composite backgrounds

Making realistic and good looking background elements for your images is not an easy task. Creating composite backgrounds is a new AliasEDU workshop that will guide you to create amazing background elements for your images or digital art projects. Course is planned to be used with Photoshop CC

You will be guided through the best practices of creating background elements by internationally awarded retoucher / digital artist Antti Karppinen


Building composite backgrounds (1,5 hrs)

Building composite backgrounds is our new online workshop focusing on building good looking composite backgrounds. If you are a digital artist or need additional background elements for your projects this workshop is perfect for you. You will get all the needed images to follow the workshop step by step as we proceed creating these amazing images from various stock images.

Workshop contents:

  • Planning
  • Sketch
  • Horizon, perspective, size
  • Matching contrast of the elements
  • Matching saturation
  • Matching tones
  • Finalizing image

We will go through these best practices through three (3) different demo images.

Demo image 1

Source files 👉🏻 Finalized image

Demo image 2

Source files 👉🏻 Finalized image

Demo image 3

Source files 👉🏻 Finalized image

Matching contrast

During the workshop you will get many useful tools to make your images better. You will learn how to match contrast differences of different elements with this easy to use workflow.

Matching saturation

Saturation differences between multiple elements can be hard to see. This method will guide you to see better what needs to be done to your elements in order to match saturations.

Matching tones

Matching tones is one of the most important things when you do composite images from different source files. This technique will help you to see better the differences and guide you to make better toning between the different elements.

About Antti

Antti is internationally awarded Digital artist / commercial photographer / educator from Finland. He belongs to a new generation of image artisans, to whom all things are possible. 

Main merits include World Photographic Cup (WPC) gold medal in illustrative category and FEP Golden camera also from illustrative category. He has been touring with his workshops all over Europe and his images and tutorials have been published in various blogs and magazines.

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Your class will play in any modern browser and will be available to mobile and desktop users.

You can also download each section to your own computer for Offline watching.


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