Do you want to be more creative, learn how to make amazing cinematic portraits and composite images as well as get people talking about your work?

Would you like to get inspired and learn new ways to market your work, get exposure for your images and draw new clients?

Want to learn new amazing retouching techniques for portraits and make your workflow faster?

If your answer is YES then look no further. Digital Artist Master Class by Antti Karppinen is definitely for you! Get ready to elevate your talent to the next level!

Internationally awarded Digital Artist Antti Karppinen is bringing his successful Digital Artist Master
Class now available worldwide as an online workshop!

"Antti's workshop truly lit a fire in me! I'm so excited to implement his tips and tricks. Absolutely worth every minute and more. Thank you for sharing Antti!"


"It was straight to the studio to create composites after watching and listening to Antti for a couple of hours. What a great source of inspiration, thanks once again Antti."


"Thank you so very much for all you shared Antti! Learned a few tricks that I now use in my editing process which is great. Your honest, personal sharing even more so - to me honesty is key. Thank you so very much for being an open book! Take care and keep up your great work"


"I laughed and I cried during Antti`s workshop. I went home full of inspiration, eager to create. I'm now ready to take my photography to a new level! Thank you, Antti"


"A lot of inspiration to be even better ! πŸ˜„ thank you!"


"Really amazing content, that will help you to get into the world of portraits and composite images. Saving lot of time in retouching with these techniques. Worth every Penny."


"Best workshop I attended so far. I'm using the techniques in some of my work. If there is a next-level-version of this master class, I'm in!!"


What is Digital Artist Master Class?

Digital Artist Master Class (DAMC) is online workshop developed by Antti Karppinen. Antti has been touring with this successful workshop all over Europe and now he is bringing it available worldwide.

DAMC consists of four main sections: Creativity, Lighting techniques, Retouching techniques and Marketing & networking.

You will get nearly 8 hours (1080p Full HD) of high quality video content from Internationally awarded Digital Artist Antti Karppinen, who is pouring all his knowledge to this one amazing Online workshop.

Who is it for and what I need to get most out of the workshop?

Digital Artist Master Class workshop is designed to give insights to everyone who is interested about photography and retouching, from hobbyist to professionals. Even graphic designers and other creatives will get lot information and inspiration from this workshop. To get most out of the retouching part of the workshop you of course need a retouching software and knowledge of its basic features (Photoshop CC is prefered).

Check the full workshop contents below


What is creativity and how you can develop it? Ideas, Moodboards, Sketching. Discover the complete process how Antti creates his memorable images.


Antti will show you Layer by Layer how some of his most iconic images have been made. Listen the insightful stories and thinking behind them.


Lighting your subjects can be easy and effective. Join Antti on a photoshoot demo where he will show his lighting gear and simple 2-light setups to achieve that cinematic look for your images.


When retouching images efficency is the key. Antti shows his keyboard layout, photoshop preferences, brush setups and Wacom tablet preferences to get faster and better workflow.


How to get your portraits to the next level; The complete workflow from start to finish. Raw development, Cleanup, Frequency separation, Dodge & Burn, Color Grading, Sharpening.


Doing composite images is not easy. You will get all the essential techniques, tips and tricks how to get more realistic composite images. Size, perspective, color matching, shadows and much more.


How to draw new clients and get more views for your work. Why and how to write content around your work. Getting right kind of exposure is the key to get your work noticed worldwide.


"Contact and help a guy who has a cool beard" -marketing strategy. Antti started his career from scratch when he moved to a different country. You will hear him telling how he was able to draw clients like BBC in less than 6 months starting from nothing.

Full Workshop Content (almost 8 hrs of content)

Introduction to Digital Artist Master Class

- Introduction to DAMC and who is Antti Karppinen? (23:39)


- Creativity and how to develop it (21:57)
- Creative concepts (32:25)
- Example images and stories (41:46)

Photoshoot demo // Lighting techniques 

- Introduction to my style of lighting (11:17)
- Lighting demonstration (41:46)

Portrait Retouching 

- Keyboard, Photoshop and Pen tablet preferences (20:01)
- Introduction to Portrait retouching workflow (7:15)
- Developing the RAW (1:48)
- Cleanup (5:46)
- High Frequency Separation (25:52)
- Dodge & Burn (13:56)
- Color Grading (7:01) !! Check freebie content below!
- Sharpening (4:26)
- Lightroom adjustments (13:53)

Composite images 

- Composite image techniques and best practices (36:29)
- Perspective and horizon (7:30)
- Size (9:30)
- Matching the contrast, tones and saturation (17:44)
- Shadows (5:01)
- Retouching Demo (15:36)

Portfolio, Content, Social media, Networking

- Why it is hard to succeed? (27:14)
- Importance of portfolio (9:38)
- Content is the King (14:02)
- Social Media (5:34)
- Contact and help a guy who has a cool beard (37:21)


Freebie content

Here is a small sample content of the workshop for free. In this section Im going through some additional color grading techniques. 

Learn from Lighting demo

In the lighting demonstration I will show you how to get many different looks by using just two flashes and single CTO gel filter and some white balance tricks in camera.

About Antti

Antti is internationally awarded Digital artist / commercial photographer / educator from Finland. He belongs to a new generation of image artisans, to whom all things are possible. 

Main merits include World Photographic Cup (WPC) gold medal in illustrative category and FEP Golden camera also from illustrative category. He has been touring with his workshops all over Europe and his images and tutorials has been published in various blogs and magazines.

Additional content and features

Additional material

You will receive Photoshop actions and selected DNG files along with the workshop, so you can follow better the retouching sections with the same files.

DAMC Community

You can ask questions from Antti and there will be also Secret Facebook group available for registered users.

Any device any time

Your class will play in any modern browser and will be available with mobile and desktop users.

You can also download each section to your own computer for Offline watching.


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