Digital Artist Master Class

Digital Artist Master Class (DAMC) is online workshop developed by Antti Karppinen. Antti has been touring with this successful workshop all over Europe and now he is bringing it available worldwide.

DAMC consists of four main sections: Creativity, Lighting techniques, Retouching techniques and Marketing & networking.

You will get nearly 8 hours (1080p Full HD) of high quality video content from Internationally awarded Digital Artist Antti Karppinen, who is pouring all his knowledge to this one amazing Online workshop.

Content Description

Introduction to Digital Artist Master Class 
- Introduction to DAMC and who is Antti Karppinen?

- Creativity and how to develope it
- Creative concepts (idea, moodboard and  sketching)
- Example images and stories

Photoshoot demo // Lighting techniques
- Introduction to my style of lighting
- Lighting demonstration

Portrait Retouching 
- Keyboard, Photoshop and Pen tablet preferences
- Introduction to Portrait retouching workflow
- Developing the RAW
- Cleanup
- High Frequency Separation
- Dodge & Burn
- Color Grading
- Sharpening
- Lightroom adjustments

Composite images 
- Composite image techniques and best practices
- Perspective and horizon
- Size
- Matching the contrast, tones and saturation
- Shadows
- Retouching Demo (Assassins Creed)

Portfolio, Content, Social media, Networking
- Why it is hard to succeed? (conversation)
- Importance of portfolio
- Content is the King
- Social Media
- Contact and help a guy who has a cool beard


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